Hops Seeds - Humulus lupulus - Common Hops - Multiple Quantities

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Are you looking to add something unique and flavorful to your garden or landscape? Look no further than Hops (Humulus lupulus) seeds! Hops will quickly become a beloved ingredient in your summer garden, with their soft green leaves cascading over fences and poles, almost as if they are reaching for the sky. Not only do hops make an aesthetically pleasing addition to any outdoor area, but they’re also a useful choice - well known for flavoring beer, hops provide a calming effect that can be beneficial to both mind and body.

Hops are perennials hardy in zones 3-8 so it’s an ideal choice for adding some greenery nearly year-round. But don’t be fooled; although they appear delicate these plants thrive where other flora may struggle. Despite humorous warnings of “wherever hops grow nothing else does” from competitive farmers, hops can in fact tolerate a variety of conditions. When you buy our packs of organic Hops seeds, you get a mixture of male and female plants - each which have different characteristics when planted side by side!

Whether you want to flavor up your home brew or add some visual interest to your landscape, Hops are the perfect solution. Sow spring/late summer/early fall for success - though germination is difficult so special treatment is required - but the end result will be worth it! Get ready to show off your new vine covered masterpiece!