Pipe Blend Tobacco Seed Multipack - 3 Pipe Strains
Pipe Blend Tobacco Seed Multipack - 3 Pipe Strains
Pipe Blend Tobacco Seed Multipack - 3 Pipe Strains
Pipe Blend Tobacco Seed Multipack - 3 Pipe Strains

Pipe Blend Tobacco Seed Multipack - 3 Pipe Strains

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Tobacco Multipacks are a great way to start growing your own. This pack contains Bright leaf, Burley, and Turkish varieties specially selected for short growing seasons. The strains included in this pack are Little Dutch, Cherry Red 401, and Black Sea Samsun

About Little Dutch
Little Dutch is an heirloom variety dating back to the 1880's. It is sweet aromatic tobacco used in pipe blends and as a cigar filler. It grow to around 3' in height and has narrow leaves growing up to 30" long. The long narrow leaves also make an excellent cigar wrapper. It matures in only 45 days and is a good choice for container growing. 

About Cherry Red 401
 401 Cherry Red is a bright leaf variety growing to 7 feet in height. One of the heaviest producing bright leafs we have grown. Averaging 26 leaves to crows foot, not including bed leaves. Leaves grow to 24 inches in length and 15 wide. Moderate suckering. Matures in about 75 days after transplant. Leaves air cure to a  light reddish brown color. Cherry Red is a long time favorite as a pipe tobacco and its mild taste makes it excellent in a cigarette blend.

About Black Sea Samsun
Black Sea Samsun originated in the Samsun region of Turkey near the Black Sea. It's prized for rich flavor and aroma, but yet mild to smoke. It grows 4'-5' in height and matures in 65-70 days, and is often sun cured. An excellent blend for cigarettes or pipes, or on its own.

How to Grow Tobacco

Growing your own tobacco is so easy and not dissimilar to growing tomatoes. Place commercial seedling compost into a tray and soak the soil with water and allow the excess water to drain off. Sprinkle the tobacco seeds onto the surface of the damp soil. Do not cover the seeds, as they need light for germination. Tobacco seeds are very tiny, so be careful to spread the seeds as evenly as possible. Keep the soil damp being careful not to wash the seeds around when you water; better still water from below or use a mist sprayer.

At a temperature of 75-80 degrees, seeds typically take a matter of days to germinate; though at this stage they are still rather small. At lower temperatures, the germination simply takes a few days longer.

Plantlets are ready to be transplanted into bigger pots, when the leaves are about 1cm in length. Care should be taken not to disturb the roots. Feed should only be given to established and rapidly growing plants after they have been replanted. Tobacco requires a lot of nitrogen and potash, which can be supplied using standard garden fertilizer. You may want to grow your tobacco using only organic fertilizers.

Ideally, space the tobacco plants about 2 ft. apart in rows 3 ft. apart. Transplant outside in the evening or when it is cloudy and overcast to avoid the youngsters from drying out. Water plants thoroughly after transplanting and water daily until plants become established. Like tomato plants, the branches (suckers, offshoots), should be removed to focus the plants energy on the large leaves.

Tobacco plants generally require full to partial sunlight to grow properly. Tobacco is ready to be harvest after 60-90 days after germinating.